Friday, August 28, 2009

Gaslight Romance Illuminates Halter Hotties Halter Top

Never has an evening breeze felt quite so exquisitely sensual as it does tonight through my antique silk halter and my favorite bloomies at twenty thousand feet above sea level. My muscle-bound Airship Captain steers confidently with one hand on the wheel. His amber eyes gleaming as he checks his lucky compass and scans the warm post-apocalyptic horizon with his trusty weathered bronze looking glass. When a sheepish grin washes across his handsomely weathered face I have fight the urge to run my fingers through his curly windblown locks. Some men will always look like boys despite their age. It occurs to me that he's probably one of them but maybe that's because of all the adolescent thoughts his presence sends streaming through my mind. I notice myself looking at him through my lashes a little too often so I strap on my brass goggles to hide my eyes. These windows to my soul I'll save until sundown when candle light and silk will be the only thing between us.

1. You'll be the envy of all the other dirigible crew in this high-necked leather jacket with exaggerated stitching and a plethora of oversized buttons. The weathered brown leather will keep you warm from those cool breezes at higher altitudes.
Available at; $600.00.

2. When things start to get steamy take off that leather and show your silky side. This western themed, fully lined, halter-top will have them grinding their gears to get a better look. Available at; $139.00.

3. Every girl needs a little support. So while those around you wilt in the steam you'll be firm and trim in this exquisitely crafted corset. This corset is made from a navy blue diamond jacquard with a deep plunge neckline. Your steam boy will be hard pressed to keep his eyes on the gauges! Available on ETSY from "Damsel in this Dress"; $99.00.

4. Just because you live in an alternate post-apocalyptic world you still want to feel like a lady. And what better way than with these delicate lace cuffs. Available from ETSY at "bayousalvage" for $45.00.

5. Whether you're strolling high above the city on elevated scaffolding or weaving your way through the hazy pipe crammed lower levels, heads will turn and goggles will fog as you walk by. Details of lace and silk ribbons make these a must have for that Steam Queen look. Available from ETSY at "lovechildboudoir"; $70.00.

6. On your way to your favorite watering hole the boys will step aside when they hear these boots hitting the deck. Antiqued leather and sturdy wooden heels, these laced up Victorian boots will get you there in style. Available at Gentleman's Emporium; $149.50.

7. No steam punk look would be complete without the blossom brooch. Handcrafted of watch movements and vintage metal flowers this pretty bauble will be sure to catch the eye. Available from ETSY at "dayslonggone" for $32.00.

8. When the wind blows through the windows as you stand by your captains side not a hair will be out of place thanks to this colorful peacock feather headband.
Available from Etsy at "FeatherBrain"; $24.00.

Halter Hotties says, "Thanks to guest bloggers, Angela Jossy & Jaymz Alexander, for this Steamy Gaslight/Steampunk Victorian Post, LOVE IT!!"

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Halter Hotties Halter Tops: Damn Hot & Proud to Have an Indie Fixx Fan

Just happened to come across a great blog post… Here’s what Jen at Indie Fixx had to say about Halter Hotties: 

Hot damn, these girls and halters are hot!
I don’t know where you live, but where I live it’s starting to get hot. We generally don’t have much of a spring, it goes from being cold to hot pretty quick. One day you are wearing cords and a wool sweater and the next day you just want to be naked, it’s so hot.
If like me you are looking for some hot, yet cool, summer clothes, then I’m sure you are going to love these halters from Halter Hotties. There are six different styles of halters to choose from and they are made from vintage and antique silk scarves. Plus, they are available in sizes XS – L!
Love these models too. They look like a little like Christina Applegate and Naomi Watts, don’t ya think?

Halter Hotties says, “Thanks Jen, you’re fantastic!”

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Seattle Times NWsource: Halter Hotties "Smoking Hot" Halter Tops

Alison Brownrigg, NWsource’s shopping columnist wrote a great article about Halter Hotties today, and we love it! Here’s a snippet:
Local designer Kim Alexander of Halter Hotties takes classic silk scarves and transforms them into halter tops with iconic silhouettes. These tops are so smoking hot, I can image Marilyn Monroe or Jayne Mansfield wearing one. Some of them are actually very conservative and demure, perfect for the Audrey Hepburn type.
For the full scoop, click here.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Halter Hotties First Reversible Halter Top

The first reversible Halter Hotties halter top is photo ready. Lavender on one side and Bronze on the other with a gorgeous silk floral scarf to tie it all together!! She's just missing a name... Any suggestions?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Halter Hotties Blog & FB Friends Come Thru, Again!

Thanks everyone...  Looks like BRONZE it is!! 
But a few would like to see a combo of the Lavender & Bronze.  So, I mulled this over though the weekend.  How about the first reversible Halter Hotties halter top? When I'm finished I'll snap a photo for you all.  Then, of course, we'll have to name her!! TTFN

Friday, August 21, 2009

Halter Hotties Halter Top Dilemma

Hmmm... I find myself with a halter top dilemma, Lavender or Bronze...  Bronze or Lavender? Every once in a while I come across one of these long skinny scarves, so popular in the Eighties, too pretty to pass up.  I haven't had any great ideas for them until this morning!  A solid color silk halter top using the scarf as a side neck tie could be really stunning.

The dilemma:  I have two gorgeous pieces of silk charmeuse, one in Lavender & one in Bronze. Both are the right size and both compliment the scarf, beautifully.

Anyone want to help choose?

New Halter Hotties Halter Top Style

Halter Hotties presents the double breasted, mock wrap vest. With a clean tailored look, both the "Orient Express
and the                                           

"Siren Call
halter tops    boast a silk satin charmeuse wrap-around sash at the waist and a classic shawl collar. You’ll find the new style in the “Backless Vest” collection.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Halter Hotties says "Thanks!" to Facebook Friends

Jenny Langlow
Jenny Langlow
I don't know if this will help...I am not creative enough to come up with a name but....when I look at it I get a kind of "70's suburban housewife / neighborhood summer pool party / BBQ / cocktail " vibe. It seems like it should go with a pair of pedal pushers (remember when they were called that) and high heels.
Tue at 4:15pm · Delete
Kim Alexander
Kim Alexander
Thanks Jen, That does help!! Alot. Mrs. Brady just came to mind, might be a little too bright for her, though. But good direction! thanks!
Tue at 4:33pm · Delete
Renee Timmer
Renee Timmer
Yeah, totally, made me think of the song "Afternoon Delight." ;)
Tue at 4:33pm · Delete
Jenny Langlow
Jenny Langlow
Better Mrs. Brady than Alice.
Tue at 4:53pm · Delete
Kim Alexander
Kim Alexander
"Afternoon Delight" Oooo, I like that! Thanks!!
Tue at 6:22pm · Delete
Stephanie Rose
Stephanie Rose
I do like Afternoon Delight.... and that is a nice halter as well ;)

My first thought was: Penelope. Absolutely no connection to the top, just in my silly head. Go with Afternoon delight... sky rockets in flight... ooooo ooooo ooooo........
Yesterday at 9:30am · Delete

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Name That Halter Top !

Anyone up for... "Name That Halter Top"? My brain is just not up to snuff, today. I'd been really looking forward to working with this gorgeous 70's scarf for a while. But boy, I just struggled thru it trying different silk colors & halter styles... It just fought me all the way & now I have no brain to name it with! Anyone?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Halter Top Honeymoon: "Graffiti Girl" Goes to Puerto Rico

Hi Kim,

Well, I’m back from the most perfect, beautiful wedding I’ve ever been to! Lucky it was my own! …I am also sending you two pictures of me in the Halter Hottie (also taken with an iPhone). The pictures aren’t great because we took them fairly quickly before we left PR (I had forgotten to do it the day I actually wore it which was the morning after the wedding). But I really love it and will wear it more as the weather in New York gets warmer! I felt so sexy in it! Thank you for everything! I love your work!

Take care.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Halter Hotties: Halter Top Sparklin' in the Moonlight with Billie

"Somebody once said we never know what is enough until we know what's more than enough." ~Billie Holiday

The best time to meet Billie is somewhere in your mid to late 20's. You've said "yes" to a billion more things than you should have… And I'm not talkin' the multi-tasking, offering to cook for the neighborhood get-together, fitting in play-dates and hosting the next family reunion kind of things…. I'm talkin' the fun, probably shouldn't have, 'can't believe I'm still alive' kind of "things" you do in your 20's! Somewhere in all those things, you said "Yes" to someone who not just broke your heart, but mashed it into a thousand tiny, unmendable pieces. That's the time, the perfect time, to meet Billie Holiday.

She'll let you know she's been there, too. She'll unite her soul with yours and pull you though the tortured nights and into the moonlight.

What a little moonlight can do
Wait a while
Till a little moonbeam comes peepin' through
Ooh, what a little moonlight can do
Ooh, what a little moonlight can do to you

1. Melt into his embrace, savor his smell and the feeling of his shirt sleeves against your bared shoulders while Billie's voice echos & bounces it's way through the empty house and out into the warm summer night air "The Ultimate Collection; Billie Holiday" , Available at, $39.98

2. The combination of cool soft silk on your stomach and his warm hand on your naked back will be excruciatingly delightful in Halter Hotties' Romantic Rose halter top made from a vintage 1950's silk scarf. Available at, $159.00

Sparkle in the moonlight with these Vintage Lovely Lisner, Rhinestone Earrings, $42.00, and ...

4. This 6 Strand Pearl and Vintage
Rhinestone Bracelet, $88.00. Both available on Etsy, in Bel Canto Design's shop.

5. A toast: To the soon to be tasted kiss...
Moonlight Cocktail
1½ measures of grapefruit juice
2 measures of Gin
½ measure of kirsch
2 measures of white wine
¼ tsp. of lemon zest
Shake all of the above with ice strain into two chilled vintage saucer champagne glasses
"A kiss that is never tasted, is forever wasted." ~Billie Holiday

Friday, August 7, 2009

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