Thursday, March 25, 2010

Halter Hotties Sighting, Tacoma-style!

Just in case blue-sky sightings weren’t enough to excite us here in Halter Hotties-land, here’s another reason to squeal with joy: we spy Play Time on Sixth Avenue in Tacoma!!

To be more specific, style maven Ondia Shapiro has picked the Halter Hotties line up at Vixens, and has dressed up her window with our Play Time top. Newly moved to 2614 6th Ave. Tacoma, WA (across the street from its former location), Vixens is packed to the brim with sexiness, and we’re happy to note that our brand of sass fits right in!

(And now, we must sign off… We feel a sudden urge to go shopping…)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Silver & Gold Etsy Treasury

It's always a special treat to be included in a fellow Etsian's treasury. This one's no exception! Take a look at all the beautiful art pieces that Jean of Etsy shop, 3squares has gathered in her "silver or gold? why not both?" Etsy Treasury...

"Fettucine Puttanesca", mixed metal necklace, hand-cut bars of sterling silver, brass and copper are stacked, connected with steel bolts and separated with bright copper spacers. Available from Etsy shop: 3squares

"Abstract 1", a mixed media of oil, acrylic, metallic acrylics, gold leaf and silver leaf on one-inch thick, gallery wrapped canvas by Sarah Dennis Haviland. Available from etsy shop: SarahDennisHaviland

"Burnished Metals", a Halter Hotties' Drape Front Panel halter top, Fully Lined in Black Satin Silk Charmeuse, fits; XS-M, is made from a 1980's 100% Silk scarf in Silvery Gray, Black, White & Gold. Available from etsy shop: HalterHotties

"SYNERGY" necklace, A contemporary mix of metals; hammered and polished brass, sterling silver and 14kt gold filled. Available from Etsy shop: mcrdesigns

Friday, March 19, 2010

Feeling Spring-tabulous at Halter Hotties!

Right about now, E.E. Cummings inspires us at Halter Hotties HQ to think about the playful side of the season with his little lame balloonman whistling far and wee

In our slightly modified version, the weather is shifting and bright spots are appearing… bettyandisbel come dancing, alright, but they’ve grown up and are bringing their own bright spots of color to add to those of the balloonman.

Betty shows off her vivacity in Dandy Lion, crafted from an eighties-era Anne Klein scarf. The sherbet-orange color with ivory accents make us drool delicately for a creamsicle,

while isbel’s Dream Weaver blouse makes us feel a little trippy-wonderful, though the groovy vibe is less patchouli-and-incense, and more sexy-fabulous with its teal corset-tied back.

A friend soon joins bettyandisbel, removing her structured, lightweight wool work jacket to reveal a fair amount of her back and Unforgettable. Like the “mud-luscious” season itself, our unforgettable backless blouse delivers bright spots of hope and brightness in a chocolate-delicious dark background.

Oh, hey! We see a sun break, and hear a whistle… excuse us, please, we spy a few mud puddles we’d like to skip through with our friends!

Thanks to Poetry Foundation rendition for E.E.Cummings' "In Just-".

Monday, March 15, 2010

Halter Hotties Try On Super Hero Alter-Egos (With A Little Help from our Friends)

When we’re not imagining ourselves as Bond Girls or sixties-era TV queens like Jeannie (I Dream of…) we sometimes like to don our superhero hats here at HHHQ (Halter Hotties Headquarters).

We love to think of ourselves as the back-baring near-deific entity who comes to the aid of damsels in wardrobe-distress, offering a fun, sassy, glam, and eco-sensitive way out of many a fashion emergency.

Last weekend, while we hung out with some new friends from the Ladies Who Launch booth at the Northwest Women’s Show, we realized we could band together and become an all-girl-power version of the SuperFriends.

We would become the Wonder Women of Date Preparation.

So we hear the call of the gal who screams, “eeeek! He asked me out, and he’s HOT –I am… notsomuch right now. HELP!!!”

We spring into action...

First on the scene, Annette and Felicia, from the Seattle Sugar Bar Sugaring Studio, come to our distressed friend’s facial-hair aid, banishing that unsightly moustache and creating the perfectly arched brow.

Leslie Morand follows soon behind, with facial healing and relaxation –not to mention beauty products like the Jane Iredale line-- pulsing through her magic fingertips.

Our gal is feeling a bit more ready to meet Mr. Hottie McHottiepants, but… wait. She can’t just have all her wonderful new Jane Iredale products floating around in a paper bag, or her purse…right?? Before she can even gather a bead of worry-sweat on her forehead, in swoops Veronica Mayo, offering up her fabulous Vemayca bag as a beautifully practical solution to that little problem.

Oh, but what to wear?!!! Our hottie-to-be begins biting her beautifully-colored lip, but before dread can even consider settling in at her breast, in swoop Halter Hotties! We offer up a flirty little number like "Palace Garden" and she smiles a fabulously bright, worry-free smile…for a moment.

“But,” she stammers, “I have no idea what I’m doing for this date. This is a fabulous top, and I love it, but…” before she can continue
her statement,
Mary Boisselle from Ace of Dates saves the day with more ideas than our hottie knows what to do with.
Once she’s narrowed down her top three ideas, we suggest ways to make that same blouse transform, from layering piece for a chilly cruise around Lake Union to flirty, scene-stealing garment scene at the W Hotel’s Concierge bar.

And there, we superheroes will sit with cocktails in our hands and smiles on our faces as we approve of the work we’ve done, and prepare for the next Hot Date Emergency…

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Halter Hotties say Go Irish with this Trio of Beauties

Days are longer, birds are louder, and we at Halter Hotties Central are walking with a special spring in our steps, occasionally tossing in a bit of a jig, keeping our eyes open for pots of gold at the ends of rainbows.

Bullion Blush caught our eye instead, and we especially loved that there was no pesky little green man to be angry with us for pulling on this little number!

Taking a trip down memory lane, we remembered the boys who would pinch us for not wearing green on St. Patty’s day. Why not slip into

Doll House and ruin their pinching fun (while giving them some eye candy nevertheless)? We love the subtle olive green in the trim --and how the sash plays on this—in this Halter Hottie.

But wait. We want more out of our St Patrick’s Day fun than just chasing rainbows and avoiding pinches—we want vintage glamour and a certain Erin Go Bragh sass (and no green beer, thankyouverymuch).

Romantic Rose puts a decadent spin on celebrating all things Irish, proving that a wild Irish rose can be more about soft, flowing petals than thorns!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Halter Hotties KNOW You Won’t Want to Miss This…

This weekend is coming up. Right now, you’re up in the air with plans. Maybe, you think, you’ll just stay at home and catch up on Lost or The Office.

We say, NO! DON’T DO IT!! There’s too much going on at the Quest Field Event Center, where the Northwest Women’s Show is going to be held and where we will be, on all three days (March 5, 6, and 7).

We thought so :)

Okay, maybe just meeting us and seeing our Halter Hotties up-close-and-personal isn’t enough for you. Maybe, you think, buying your own Halter Hotties at a 30% discount is great, but you want more. We get it, we’re all about optimizing benefits, ourselves.

Compelling enough to make you drive your car to Seattle’s Qwest Field?So how about we throw all this your way: Not only can you meet authors, beauty specialists, psychics, life-coaches, and all kinds of other groovy vendors, BUT you can see what our "Ladies Who Launch" friends do. And you can enter to win a prize that not only includes our Siren Song halter but also includes a load of goodies from the same lovely Ladies Launching.

Check out a few of our Ladies Who Launch booth buddies...