Sunday, May 31, 2009

Big Game Halter Top Hunting with Hemingway & Halter Hotties

Whether you're a cougar out for the kill, or just a kitten toying with your catch... Here's a halter neck top outfit that's anything but camouflage.

1. Halter Hotties “Jungle Cat” halter neck top made from a vintage Echo, 100% silk scarf. Purrr~fect for prowling. Available at, $169.00

2. Sass & Bide, Cracker Jacs cargo pants… khaki utilitarian cotton cargo pants. Style them with heels or flats and a wild halter top for a hip urban sarafi look. Oversized cargo pants with elasticated turn-up cuffs, an elasticated waist with a self-tie at the front, a zip and press stud to fasten, two patch pockets at the sides, two patch pockets at the back and belt loops. Available at, $275.00

3. A wild outdoor ride can get hot, but until then… here’s a great brown leather jacket, available, on sale at $144.90

4. Volatile "Aussie" shoe featuring woven leather upper and basketweave wedge heel in color brown, just one more weapon to add to your arsenal available at $55.00

5. “Dogeared” Leather Wrap Bracelet with a loop in gold vermeil representing karma on a leather wrap bracelet that can double as a choker… or, if the karma thing doesn’t scare you… You could always use it to tie up anything giving you a hard time. Available at Nordstrom $74.00.

6. You’d better pack this small Dark Brown Leather Journal, trimmed in yellow stitching with pages, hand cut, folded and sewn into the leather with butterscotch linen thread. Who knows, you may be in for the hunt of your life, use this to keep notes… they may be your breadcrumbs to a glorious memory. Handmade by Green Trike Press. $38.00

7. And don’t worry if you’ve cornered your prey into a spot without a bartender, your Fossil Weekender II Duffle Bag in color: tan, available on sale at $110.00 has enough room for all Hemingway’s necessary “Papa Doble” Daiquiri ingredients, including the blender!! … Fill a blender one-quarter full of cracked ice, 3 ounces (2 jiggers) of rum, the juice of 2 limes, the juice of ½ a grapefruit and 6 drops of maraschino (Cherry Brandy). Blend on high until the mixture turns cloudy (See “Islands in the Stream” pg. 281 for a more Hemmingway~esque description). Serve immediately in large goblets.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Romantic Halter Top Outfit Inspired by Lilacs & Love

Ahhh… The Lilacs have arrived.
I was 11 when I first noticed the pretty, lavender, flowering tree on the outskirts of the field. Each spring, there after, its wonderful scented blossoms became the first bouquets brought home. Mom and I would pound the ends, get out her biggest vase and fill it to overflowing with lilac boughs.

A few years later, about the time us girls start planning our weddings, while working on our annual Lilac arrangement I said to mom, “You know… I think I’ll marry the first man who brings me a bouquet of Lilacs.” I know it sounds sappy, but I had a plan… You see, I didn’t want to get married. Ever. (My plan was to become an artist, live in a castle on an island and probably have a cat or two.) And at the wise age of 13 I knew that boys always brought roses, not lilacs, to girls they liked!

16 years later…
Answering the knock on my little apartment door, I opened it to find the legs and feet my boyfriend. It was all I could see of him, as he was hidden behind the largest bouquet of Lilacs I had ever seen. As he entered my hallway he said, “I don’t know what these are, but they sure smell good and they reminded me of you”.

In a few days time, we’ll be toasting our 13th wedding anniversary with Lilacs on the table and a glass (or two) of “True Love”.

1. A “True Love” Cocktail… Pour two measures of your favorite vodka into a cocktail shaker along with one measure of Parfait Amour and one measure of maraschino, shake with ice until frosted. Strain into two tall, slender glasses, top each with lots of ice and a single, lavender rose petal. Toast to your true love.

2. The halter top, “He Loves Me…” by Halter Hotties is made from a vintage scarf and fully lined in lavender 100% silk satin charmeuse. It’s the perfect top for a spring love celebration. Available at, $199.00

3. You’ll need this white Betmar Classic Braid Dapper Fedora to keep the sun out of your eyes… you won’t want to miss the twinkle in his each time he smiles at you. Available at, $37.50

4. This Madison Marcus floor-sweeping white 100% silk Charmeuse, lined skirt will give you that “I’m a bride “happy~place”, anytime..anywhere, feeling. Available at, $238.00

5. One-of-a-kind jewels make you feel special every time you wear them. These beautiful, “Ruby Pink Mystic Topaz” earrings are handmade by the 1000 Market artist, Sky Dreams.
Available at, $240.00

6. / 7. There’s nothing like a Wonder~Woman bracelet and a wicked pair of Gladiators to give you the edge. Even adrift in lovey~dovey, la~la, land, a girls gotta feel the power…
Lavender Cottage‘s handcrafted Modern Relic Cuff Bracelet available at, $45.00

Camilla Skovgaard’s Burnt Coffee Metallic high heel sandals, available at $385.00(on sale)  

No need for the golden, magic, truth~telling Lasso...  One look at these babies and he'll be spillin' all his secrets.