Thursday, December 9, 2010

Halter Hotties Give a New Reason to be Jolly

How to put this delicately: Sometimes we eat... Some seasons, we might even overindulge. During these times, the last thing we want to do it put on our slinkiest, sexiest, skimpiest clothes and engage in holiday revelry: we're far more likely to want to put on the biggest sweat suit we have, and to settle in with a pint of eggnog ice cream and a copy of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."

Well girlfriend, put down the pint and come out to the party. We at Halter Hotties can make your "but I have nothing to wear" whine null and void if you just let us.

And yes, we're also talking to our more-than-waiflike friends out there.

Probably, you already knew that most Halter Hotties blouses adjust in size, making them easy to personalize to your shape. And probably, you also knew that our styles were designed to be flattering on all body types. But did you know that we have extra-large sizes, up to about a size 18, suitable for clients up to (and even slightly beyond!) DD cup sizes?

Well we do. Check out and see the XL possibilities.

And then prepare to celebrate the season in style!!