Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Halter Hotties + Hottie Firemen = Combustible fun at the NW Women’s Show March 5-7!!

So what do we at Halter Hotties think is so cool about the Northwest Women’s Show happening March 5- 7 at the Qwest Field Event Center?

Psychics. Life-Coaches. More Health, Wellness, and Beauty advice and goodies than you can shake

a mascara wand at. Add a fashion show featuring scantily clad hottie

Firefighters, and we are so there!

Actually, we really will be there, and are getting revved and ready! We’ll be there open to close, all three days, sharing space with some of our new best friends from Ladies Who Launch (booths #506/508/510) and we can’t wait to see you there and let you see, feel and try on a Hottie for yourself (one of our fabulous halter tops, not a fireman.)

Come for some pre-spring girl-power energy, or come for the eye candy—the Northwest Women’s Show is guaranteed to have something for everybody!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Halter Hottie Honeymoon: Matches made in Heaven!

When our long-time good friend Kate Shanaman met and married her soul mate Ron Swarner, we at Halter Hotties World Headquarters felt all kinds of warm and fuzzy inside.

We’re suckers for perfect matches, and Ron and Kate just work together like champagne and caviar. And when we found this snapshot in our email inbox, we felt like the circle of love was even more complete: truly, the vibe of the Palm Springs Riviera makes our Halter Hottie glow. We also love how Kate’s low-slung sash matches the slow and easy lounge-y feeling (and covet that couch!)

Congrats, Ron and Kate, and thanks for the Halter Hottie lovin’!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good Halter Hotties Go Bad

Mostly, we at Halter Hotties World Central are Very Good.

We pay our bills, work hard, and indulge our children.

But every now and then we like to think naughty thoughts. And even if we’re not smoking, drinking, and cussing, we sometimes wear our inner-Bad Girl. Vices, a new piece from our Mardi Gras Collection, let’s us do just that.

An early-90s silk scarf led us to create this piece, which embraces martinis (delightfully naughty!) and cigars (potentially less delightful, but more naughty!) in a bright motif that makes us think of film noir at its neon-bright, sultry finest.

And when you slip us into 100% silk, from lining to ties to body, we can feel just as naughty as we look.

Because sometimes bad vices are very, very good!

Sexy Smoking Gypsy Girl PULP PINUP Black Metal Cigarette, ID card, Wallet or Ipod Nano & Earbuds Holder Case by Sweetheart Sinner; available on Etsy

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Because Halter Hotties Love a Good Time…

…We ask you all to expand on this notion: What do we love here at Halter Hotties? Sensuality. Revelry. Old Traditions meeting new twists. Creating something new and exciting from something old and flat.

Sure, the things we love help to define us, and what we do.

Turns out, we have threads common with something else we love: Mardi Gras.

Oh, MY! Could Halter Hotties and Mardi Gras be a match made in heaven? But of course! And we’re giving props to that venerable-but-crazy tradition of Carnival revelry with Purple Pin-Up, one of the pieces in our new Mardi Gras Collection. Especially in New Orleans, the old meets the new in a sexy, raucous good time.

Stand out in any crowd in this bright and sexy V-neck Hottie, fashioned from a 1980s Evan Picone scarf.

With fabulous double-ribbon neck detailing in a bright red that echoes the buoyant rose-print and bright purple sash, you are the party, whether you’re dancing with your favorite party people at the French Quarter, or tapping into your crème brulee at your favorite French restaurant.

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Red Scarlet Oak Leaf Handmade Mask by kennosborne; available on Etsy.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Halter Hotties Have Moved!

No need to panic or get out the address book: we’re only up the stairs from where we were.

But all that up and down, up and down, up and down (and no elevator!) gave us some pretty good body aches so we felt justified in our rest. To that end, we got to catch up with some favorite friends, old and new.

New friends include most of this season’s cast of Project Runway. We’re excited to see fresh new talent and have high hopes that this is going to be one of the show’s stronger seasons!

And remember ‘way back to Season Four? We loved to love Chris March and his outlandish costuming (and infectious laugh) back then, and now we love that his book, “I HEART CHRIS MARCH” is in our hot little hands.

For now, we’re resting with Lifetime Television and our new book.

But don’t fret! We’re working the Halter Hottie fabulousness, too (in our new and improved digs!)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sweet Plummy Goodness Goes Halter Hotties Naughty!

We’re here at Halter Hotties HQ and we’re thinking of the South. Particularly New Orleans, that beautiful contradiction.

It’s where southern charm collides with good-old-boy vice. Where the bible belt smacks into Voodoo Juju. Where Shrove Tuesday, the day before the religious observance of Lent has morphed into Fat Tuesday, that decadently juicy celebration of all things… well, decadent and juicy.

And just because we’ve been redundant and said decadent and juicy twice (three times!)

we’ll go with those words to describe Plum Perfection, a new piece in our Mardi Gras Collection. A deceptively demure silky-sweet confection, this backless vest made of deep purple chiffon accented with bright pink and olive green in sweet embroidered flowers breathes southern-hospitality

as it invites us to the veranda for mid-afternoon mint juleps.

And just as we’re feeling gentility and grace, it turns around and the Parade of debauchery begins, lurking under the olive green charmeuse sash.

It’s all in good clean fun, in the spirit of the Big Easy!