Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Halter Hotties Define a Soft Inner Wicked

We at Halter Hotties love to find ways to play with opposites, and Love Bouquet, a blouse in our new Valentine Collection, helps us to do just that.

Here you have 1950s Shanghai silk meeting up with just-this-minute styling. Subtle sensuality begins with a choker-style neckline, then plunges into dangerous sexuality with the deep back, holding back just a bit with the mahogany silk sash. We imagine a good western girl getting lured into an opium den in Chinatown. Or maybe she’s an eastern innocent being lured into the penthouse of a wily corporate tycoon. Wide-eyed and nearly unaware of the danger, she removes her wrap, luring the man who would be her ruin to his own ruin.

Then, with a wink and a smile, she disappears.

And with the wafting scent of jasmine, a soft whisper of silk, and a glimpse of color and flesh, our Hottie’s victim finds himself irrevocably haunted.

Do you dare to wear it for your own Valentine’s Day haunting?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Yummy yummy yummy Halter Hotties have Love in our Tummies… And Chocolates on our Bods…

Ahh, Valentines Day. How we at Halter Hotties World Central love to receive anonymous love notes, perfume gifts, and most especially, big heart-shaped boxes of chocolate goodness.

What’s better than receiving a massive box of truffles and caramels, though? How about

Chocolate Box, a piece from our new Valentine Collection. A fab eighties silk twill Echo scarf worked like the creamy filling for this piece, inspiring a simple-yet-delicious blouse.

This study in good taste features a black silk wrap-around sash and tan charmeuse lining—both 100% decadent silk-- and begs to be paired with a demure high-waisted pencil skirt and jacket, as a work-day treat, or dressed down with our favorite well-worn jeans for a casual-but-sexy date-night.

Whichever way you wear it, it’s a scrum-delicious treat!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Old Meets New: Rose-colored Nostalgia goes Halter Hotties!!

By now you probably get it already: We at Halter Hotties bring you fashion goodness in the form of silky-sexy, elegant, one-of-a-kind halter tops crafted from vintage scarves and featuring embellishments like silk cording, lining, and sashes, as well as buttons that whisper nostalgic notions.

For Red Roses, one of the pieces from our Valentine Collection, we took that nostalgia and placed it front and center. The 1980’s-era Vera scarf reminds us of courting in the garden, of our first Prom corsage, and of bouquets gifted in the spirit of good ol’ St. Valentine. Sure, we loved those old rituals, but these days it’s so much more fun to wear your roses with an element of sex and surprise, than to clean up dead stalks from the vase and tabletop! And, since we’ve grown up since Prom, we appreciate that this blouse has a decidedly grown up (and ever-so slightly wicked!) sensibility we can share… that flare of heat from the red sash and that slow, delightful burn as we reveal our bared back.

Sometimes, giving the gift of roses is better than getting it!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Halter Hotties Focus on LA, and the FOCUS trade show at the CMC

Excitement is building to white-hot in Halter Hottie World

Headquarters. Yes, we love jet-setting about the globe, and heading to our favorite big cities. Yes, we love spreading the Halter Hotties love. Yes, we love going to places where retail thrives. When faced with the prospect of doing all three together, like right now, we fairly scream, “yes, Yes, YES!!”

We’re off to the California Market Center, or “the CMC”, where, year-round, thousands of product lines all get together in showrooms and seasonal trade shows for wholesalers to peruse ‘til their feet are battered in their Jimmy Choos. Our destination is the Penthouse, where the FOCUS Apparel and Accessories Show will be housed. This particular segment of the hu-normous Los Angeles Fashion Market puts an emphasis on “indie-spirited, design-focused contemporary collections” (does that describe Halter Hotties or what!??)

Apparently, the fine FOCUS folks are excited about us, too! We show up in their blog (thanks, guys!) only a couple entries away from Althea Harper from our fave show Project Runway.

Our heads spin, truly they do.

But for now, focus we must: destination FOCUS is in our sights!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

We’re Heatin’ Up at Halter Hotties!!

Sure, most of the world is facing a weird cold snap, but here at Halter Hotties world central, we’re starting to feel real heat!

Even as we’re working up exciting new collections (think Mardi Gras and Valentines, baby!) and loving the improvements to our website (check out the new home page here) we’ve got some bigger goings on in the horizon: We’ve been invited to show at the "FOCUS Apparel and Accessories Show" during the Los Angeles Fashion Market January 16, 17 and 18.

We're stoked to be LA bound, for sure, but complacency is so not our style... Instead we’re busy working up a sweat, tagging, bagging and packing up, getting ready to go share the Halter Hottie lovin’ in a major way!

Stay tuned for details…

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Yes, Virginia, the Blue Moon did turn Rockin’ Red, with help from a Halter Hotties top!

Halter Hotties Central is still in holiday-recovery mode, and totally buzzing (but in a good way, not in the “spinning, feeling sick” way).

We’re generating some excitement for the upcoming weeks, for sure,

but we’re also still reeling over the perfect match-up, a trifecta (four-fecta?) of Hottie-ness. Take one mild-mannered, tarot-card reader named Voxxy Vallejo,

add some drums and incendiary guitar, put her on-stage in a Halter Hottie original at the Speakeasy, Tacoma’s brand new heat-and-energy generating venue, and -oh yeah!- make that all happen during First Night, in Tacoma, during the blue-moon New Year’s celebration...

It was transformation, and magic, just the way Halter Hotties likes it.

And Voxxy personified this magic.

On the stage during First Night, her Royal Hottiness went from the kind, unassuming Jane Everywoman we met last week to Sultry Rockerchick, purring and growling and oozing the kind of self-assured sensuality that makes us want to shout, “Hell, YEAH!”

It just kind of slams home our resolution for the New Year with a bang on the tom-toms: In 2010 we will release ourselves from our inhibitions, and let our inner Hottie come out to play!

Rock on!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Years Toast to Etsy from Halter Hotties

What an honor, thank you Etsy! Returning last night after ringing in the New Year with wonderful lifelong friends, I was delighted to find that our 'Burnished Metals' Halter Hotties silk top along with other beautiful creations were bringing in the New Year in their own style. They had been featured on the Etsy front page at the stroke of midnight ~ And, lucky for me, a fantastically crafty website captured it for us, thank you Craft Cult! Here's a snapshot at a few of the gorgeous items that were featured last night...