Sunday, June 28, 2009

Quite Simply… A Classic. Halter Hotties - Halter Neck Top Outfit Inspired by a Fashion Icon

Early last Sunday morning, while folding laundry, my daughter and I enjoyed watching the English flower girl, Eliza Doolittle, metamorphose into a most stunning high society lady in the classic movie, "My Fair Lady".
WOW, you know? There, just, are not words to capture the beauty of Audrey Hepburn.
1. Every now and then it's time to shake things up a bit! So, when it's time for that new look, the number one accessory a girl needs is a big shopping bag! Here's Jessica Kagan Cushman' 4 C's tote, available at $130.00

2. New look? I say… "Abracadabra, Halter Hotties" and POOF! A brand, spankin' new you, lookin' HOT in your new halter top! Available at $159.00

3. Slip on these Juicy Couture shades and add a little intrigue to the new you, available at, $98.00

4. For an immediate attitude change, slip into this buttery, black leather Vince, pencil skirt available at, on sale $556.5o

5. In honor of Eliza Doolittle, a most delightful flower girl, we present this perfect pink rose ring created by 1000 Markets' artist, Royal Princess. Romantic Baby Pink Real Rose Ring, $32.00

6. No time like the present to bring back the corset!! I don't know how anyone could say "no" to these corseted Camilla Skovgaard's Saddle Open Toed Lace Up Pumps available at, on sale $341.60

7. When you're wearing Lancôme's Color Fever Lipstick Roses in Rose Tempest, your luscious lips will be all thats noticed, no matter the cockney accent or miss-pronounced words! Available at 

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Halter Hotties Ultimate Bond Girl Halter Neck Top Outfit

When did I know he was the one? That he’d be the one I would always run to when things got a little dicey. He’d be the one to present life to me, as a living feast to be devoured… if you were willing to take a risk, or two.

I was home from school, 7th grade, I believe, with a case of strep throat. Before leaving for work, Mom had settled me onto the living room sofa with blankets, chicken noodle soup, Jello & the T.V. turned to a channel showing reruns and old movies.

Yes, that was the day… That’s when we first met and it was then that I knew… HE was the one I’d have with me, always.

Bond……… James Bond.

“I hoped I would one day kiss a man like that,” Solitaire said “and when I first saw you, I knew it would be you.”
Ian Fleming’s 'Live and Let Die'

1. Sooo… you’re looking for some 007, nightlife excitement,
are you? Well, I offer up the “Walther PPK” halter top by Halter Hotties for the ultimate in Bond Girl attire, $189.00

2. The second I spied
‘Nocturnal Garden Illustration #1’ in 1000 Markets I knew the ‘Walther PPK’ halter neck top had found it’s kindred spirit! This fantastic illustration is available at The Stapelia Company, $15.00

3. Now, those boots were made for… walking? I think, NOT. Those boots were made for stepping into an Aston Martin, flying through the streets of Monte Carlo at dusk and possibly, rushing
into a dark alley to wrap them around the torso of an incredibly exciting secret agent! That’s what those Chloe’, over-the-knee, black suede boots were made for. Available at, $1245.00

4. Gray leather stonewash Les Chiffoniers leggings are
a Bond Girl moment just waiting to happen. Available at, $1005.00

5. Every girl needs a little Bond
Bling. Missoni's gold-tone square-link bracelet hits just the spot. Available at, $430.00

6. And an absolute must for the evening… Bond’s martini! Three measures of Gordon’s gin, one measure of
grain vodka and a half measure of dry vermouth shaken until very, very cold in this modern, tear-drop-shaped Nambe Metal Twist Cocktail Shaker. Available at, $145.00. Topped with a twist of lemon.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Tale of Halter Top Island Inspiration by Halter Hotties…

Just Sit Right Back & You’ll Hear a Tale ~ A Tale of Inspired Halter Top Fashion
as Imagined by Jaymz Alexander
The taxi pulled up to the dock in the small Hawaiian harbor. Taking a deep breath as she exited the taxi, the young woman raised her face to the warm tropical sun, relishing the strange and exotic smells.

A bit of melancholy clouded her clear blue eyes as she remembered that this was her last day of vacation and tomorrow she would be heading back to

With a sigh she paid the driver and retrieved her small day bag. Walking down the dock,
admiring the beautiful boats tied to either side she spied the young sailor who had helped her sign up for the cruise. He was in an animated discussion with a well-dressed elderly couple.

“Young man, I am not used to waiting on anyone and I demand to know what the delay is”, the
gentleman said in a snobbish Rhode Island accent.

“That’s right”, added his wife as she hid from the sun under a fancy parasol. “Once when the hotel took too long with room service he bought the whole hotel and fired everyone!”

“That’s right, then I replaced all the bell boys with Olympic track stars!” he responded chuckling along with his doting companion at the memory.

“I’m really sorry”, replied the nervous crewman. “We are waiting for the last two guests…” He paused as he sighted the young woman approaching the group. “And here comes one now”, he said as he quickly left the couple still complaining behind.

The young woman saw the sailor head her way and noticed another guest on the dock. She was a tall redhead dressed in a gold sequined gown and high heals. She thought she recognized her from something, a TV show? A movie? She couldn’t remember. She didn’t have a lot of time for
television back home, but smirked to her self as she thought of the discomfort those sequins would bring once the sun really started to shine. “City folk” she thought shaking her head.

“Can I stow your bag for you ma’am.” The nice young sailor asked as he approached. “We’re waiting for one more guest”.

“Yes, thank you” she replied smiling as the obviously shy first mate took her bag, fumbling and almost dropping her small suitcase.

As she waited she noticed a large surly man speaking with the actress. He wrung his large hands in apparent nervousness as the woman asked if the captain could avoid the wind as she just had her hair done.

Shaking her head in disbelief the young woman turned as the sound of an arriving auto caught
her attention. A distinguished looking man exited the back of the taxi and pulling out a worn looking brief case, turned.

As their eyes met across the distance her breath caught in her throat. Here was a man of intelligence, his dark eyes and splash of grey at the temples of his wavy hair so different from the down-home boys she was used to. She was secretly glad she had worn her Halter Hotties red, white and blue silk halter top with her short shorts instead of her usual red and white check
shirts she usually wore.

“What do we have here?“ she said quietly to herself.

“That must be the Professor” said the sailor returning to her side. “Our last guest.”

“The Professor?” she mused to herself.

Maybe the company would be more enjoyable than she had thought.

“You never know what could happen on a three hour cruise.”

1. If you can find a bartender named Mary Ann, ask her for a Banana Cream Pie Martini, perfect for that castaway feelin’
1 measure banana liqueur
1 measure creme de cacao
1 measure vodka

1 measure half-and-half
Mix in a shaker with ice then strain & top with a banana slice.

2. It’s just what you need for a day at sea, onboard the SS Minnow, “Sailor Girl” Halter neck top by Halter Hotties. This halter top was created with a vintage 60’s Mod scarf and topped with silk ribbons and an antique, brass heraldic button. Available at Fini, 86 Pine Street, Seattle, WA 98101 206/ 443-0563 email:

3. Skinny Denim Shorts by Paige Denim; Denim shorts with 5-pocket styling and single-button closure. Tonal stitching at back pockets and for that stranded on a deserted island look… wrinkling at waistband, whiskering at front and shredded holes at front and back. Worn spots and moderate distressing throughout with frayed edge and 1" cuff at hem. Available at Shopbop, $179.00

4. Burberry Bucket Hat; A tad bit hipper than Gilligan’s… just be sure to keep an eye out for the headhunters in this chic, structured bucket hat drawn from '60s inspiration with a button-tab detail above a trapunto-stitched bill. Available at Nordstrom (Sale Price) $135.90

5. Marc by Marc Jacobs, Aviator Sunglasses. The classic aviator gets a punchy update with semi-rimless wire frame and gradient lenses. Embossed logo lettering at red enamel-inlaid temples. Hard case included. Available at Nordstrom, $85.00

6. A bracelet made of smooth beach stones in rich brown and gray shades with round & square links of brass and a brass chain/toggle clasp. Handmade by artisan Julie Thelen, available in her Etsy shop. $32.00
7. Antik Batik Petrus Beaded Flat Thong Sandals will make you feel like a lovely jungle native with every step.
 Leather thong sandal with bead and square sequin detail at T strap and ankle. Buckle closure at ankle. Leather sole. Available at Shopbop, $200.00

8. Who knows, you might have some time to kill, you better bring along a book to read… Castaways by Brian Keene;
Contestants on a "Survivor"-like reality TV show find the dangers are too real after they are stranded on a deserted island in the South Pacific with inhuman creatures out to kill them. Paperback available at, $7.99

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Halter Hotties: Halter Neck Outfit Inspired by a Fruit

Well, my favorite color is… shall we say, a bit… involved. Just like the best things in life, Persimmon can be somewhat elusive and hard to capture. The problem (that it is many colors in one; Pinks, Corals & Oranges) & the joy of persimmon is that, for me, it’s part memory. I first fell in love with Persimmon at Grandma’s.

Throughout the day, my cousin & I would occupy ourselves with helping grandma in the garden, exploring the attic rooms for lost treasure or strolling through the neighborhood, marveling over the giant monkey tree at the end of the block. But, the real magic started in the early evening when the Lawrence Welk reruns came on the T.V. (yes, I was young, but even at that age I knew, you only watched the Lawrence Welk show at grandma’s and the unspoken vow between Shell & I was, you did not mention this to anyone beyond grandma’s living room.) 

When the dancers began flitting across the screen, it was our cue to prepare for our evening’s recital. We would disappear into grandma’s bedroom and after much debate over which negligee & costume jewels would best suit each of us, we’d reappear, announcing… “Our show is about to begin”. (In other words… Gramma ~ Grampa, get in here, sit down and prepare to be amazed!) 

The awe inspiring spectacle would commence, flowing from behind the bedroom door we would twirl & prance throughout the living room, into the dining room and back to the bedroom for our first of many costume changes.

As any great variety show performer knows, the costume change is what it’s all about… Such was the beginning of my fascination with the color, Persimmon. With an abundance of chiffon, it was the negligee I most often chose. I was captured by it’s many translucent layers of peach, orange, coral and pink, the combined colors transformed into a lush PERSIMMON… My favorite color.

1. A lush and silky top, with all the persimmon colors represented: Halter Hotties “Persimmon Dream” halter top made from a 1950’s era, vintage, 100% silk scarf fully lined in Hot Pink Satin Silk Charmeuse. Available at, $219.00

2. Earrings, just long enough to tickle the tops of your bared shoulders as you pirouette through the foyer: Hand made by Bella Jewels, Available at 1000 Markets, $278.00

3. Sandles, complete with gold tone scallops to catch the light as you prance into your day by L' Autre Chose High heeled gold sandles, lamé varnished side buckle closure with leather sole. Available at YOOX, Collection: Spring-Summer, $198.00

4. The full, fluttery, perfect for twirling through town skirt is a cotton sateen gâteau skirt in fresh orange by J.Crew. This feminine skirt features pleated tiers and inverted pleats around the waist, creating a flirty bell shape. Available at, $88.00

5. A super-duper sexy Purse: Vintage hot pink 1960 clutch/purse. Available through Etsy Shop, “2007Musarra”, $40.00
( This purse just makes me smile. It literately embodies Grandma's 1960 bathroom. Glossy Pink with gold accents, love it :)

6. A sweet, sensual perfume to inspire memories: Betsey Johnson by Betsey Johnson, 3.4 oz Eau De Parfum Spray for women. Top notes: pear and grapefruit. Middle notes: freesia and lily of the valley. Bottom notes: praline and sandalwood.

7. Show off your beautifully bared arm with this Nordstrom “Open Scroll Cuff Bracelet”, $51.90

8. A cozy wrap, just incase you’ve twirled, tickled, fluttered, and pranced your way right into the night: “Ivory Cashmere Fringe Wrap” by Kashmere. Available at, $100.00

9. And last but not least, the perfect color for your Tapping Tootsies: Robertson exclusive “LA Sunset” by Chanel.