Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Halter Hotties Sing the Blues

Sure, you might have heard about Spring fashion's hot hues back when Pantone (the world’s foremost color authority, in case you were unaware!) announced them in September. But we Halter Hotties know—boy, do we!—that most of us aren’t thinking about our spring garb in fall unless we’re headed for the tropics (or already living there.)

But now that you’re getting really revved up for spring, let’s talk hot colors again.

The biggest hot, we hear, is cool: Blue!!

We’re showing off a collection of halter neck beauties to inspire you, whether your look is business dress, business casual, or even if you’re looking for the perfect silky blouse to pair with some of the ripped-up jeans you’re seeing around (yes, in jeans, old is new again—hmm, does that remind you of anything?)

Great as a layering piece or on its own, a Halter Hotties top can complete an up-to-the-minute look (while utilizing eco-aware principles with vintage blouses and notions.)

Throw some blue into the mix, and you’ve got up-to-the-minute cool, for the happiest blues around!

First up, swaths of Amparo blue define the largest, boldest flowers in Blue Danube. This seriously beautiful converted Vera brings the fifties to the moment with a dash of flair and a dollop of sexy.

Check out Lavender Deco. And don’t let the name fool you! Both of Pantone’s hot blues –turquoise and Amparo Blue (think, revved-up Navy) show up in this vibrant blouse.

Midnight Rose deepens up the bright tone of the Amparo blue in the blooms, adding a classic component to make this trend-setter last longer than just one runway season!

Siren Call asks: Is it turquoise? Navy? Amparo? Or a beautiful, watery blend of all of the above? We say, yup! Tailored to go from day to night with the greatest of ease, with just the right, bright attitude!

On Tiffany Blue, turquoise splashes into chartreuse in the sash that helps transform this Vera scarf into wearable art; the whimsically sketched flowers on a softer-Blue background make us want to kick up our heels and look for some fun!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

No door-to-door or annoying phone calls, just a simple request: vote Halter Hotties!!

At Halter Hotties, we believe that women can be strong and soft; sexy and practical. We know we can be amazing nurturers while also taking care of business.

In creating Halter Hotties, I’ve melded these sides, creating a business that enables me to produce a product that makes customers feel good while I nurture my family, and help guide my daughter to believe in her dreams.

I’ve discovered a way to help promote moms in business in the Start Up Nation Leading Moms in Business contest, where I’m now a contestant.

Please help me to spread the girl power by voting for me here: It’s an easy little button click— want to get a daily dose of good Karma? Do it every day!

Thanks for your support!!


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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Halter Hotties Go to Fashionista Heaven—right here in Tacoma!

Things are heating up in the land of Halter Hotties, and not just because the thermometer outside says so!

We’re Super excited that this week we’ll be taking part in a Dame Lola trunk show event at the Hotel Murano. For fashionistas in Tacoma, shopping doesn’t get much better than this: an exclusive selection of amazing styles, along with Rebecca Baldwin’s personalized service, which is like having your own Hollywood stylist.

She’ll have a wide assortment of our blouses there so you can try on a variety of styles and see what suits you best.

The event goes from Thursday to Sunday, and we’ve learned this from past events: make your appointment early for the best selection!

Check Here for more info.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Halter Hotties Accessories Help Lift Sagging Spirits (among other things)

Sometimes security comes in odd, sticky packages.

When we at Halter Hotties Headquarters heard about Fashion Tape, we just knew we had to have it. You know those times when your neckline has a tendency to fail you, or when your bra strap wants to take a peek: well, this secret sticky stuff helps you hold it all together.

But we still felt like we needed more help. We realized we weren’t the only ones trying to support our twin troublemakers when wearing our backless blouses.

Enter two solutions: DIMR'S Nipsticks and NuBras, now available through our website.

Both feature reusable design, with DIMR'S Nipsticks adding a bit of smoothing action under clothing like our halter tops and with Nubras adding some shaping.

Being that our own sisters aren’t exactly gravity-defying or small, we were naturally skeptical about how the the NuBra would work for us.

We quickly realized we were onto a miracle product.

While the NuBra, which is effectively two washable, sticky-on-the-inside adhesive cups that connect with a small plastic clasp, doesn’t lift us appreciably, we love that we can adjust it to create the appearance of lift and to add maximum cleavage. A surprise bonus is how it holds the girls in nice and secure.

Security and shaping, all in the name of three sticky little accessories?

We say, ahhhhhh.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Halter Hotties presents "Painting the Roses Red", A Whimsical Fashion Line Inspired by Alice in Wonderland...

When Kimberly Alexander designs her Halter Hotties line, she generally uses vintage scarves to inspire each individual garment she makes, infusing each one with a different personality. She usually creates her wearable art within the confines of five basic styles that she devised when she first launched Halter Hotties.

But after immersing herself in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, she found her imagination taking hold, inspiring her to create an entire line with characters from the movie in mind; inspiring her to create a new style and to play with new lengths, neck treatments, sashes and styling. All of this, combined with clever use of fabrics and trim, breathes new life into a classic story.

Curiouser and Curiouser: The first piece conceived for this collection, this garment introduces a new, tunic-length style with expanded coverage on the corseted back. A Vera scarf and 1950’s blue glass cabochon button ground this flight of fancy in a bit of history.

Fashionably Late: V-Front styling on this Vera ivory chiffon floral beauty lends a bit of vest-front dignity to this blouse, though the overall style unwinds our uptight lapine friend.

My Cup of Tea: Two scarves create the treat here, with a blue, floral-print 1950s scarf as the body of the blouse, while a teal chiffon scarf plays up the ruffled neck, becoming an alluring bow in the back.

Whooo Are You? Metamorphosis never looked so good! Butterflies flutter around in a 1960s silk scarf body, with a second, lime-green scarf floating just below the neckline. Add pink silk crepe de chine lining and a corseted back, and perfection is Whooo You Are.

Paint The Town Red: white leaves on red and red leaves on white flatter with a diagonal pattern played up by the high neckline reminiscent of an Elizabethan ruff. Equally prim despite the bared back, the large red bow of the sash is given structure through lushly textured Dupioni silk.

Her Majesty: Two scarves, both fit for a (white) queen, create the drama of this blouse with its neck-tie scarf offering up options galore.

Abracadabra: If Tweedle Dee (or Tweedle Dum) had been a London Mod in the 60s, this black and white handkerchief-style confection might have been a hit. But here, in 2010, there’s no doubt: it is one.

Tweedle De Dum: Is it Tweedle Dee? Is it Tweedle Dum? We call it either/or, with this fun convertible style that lets black and white coexist peacefully and stylishly. A Vera scarf seals the deal at the neck, proving just how stylish indecision can be!

This Way That Way: Grey cat, green eyes. A little bit mysterious. A little bit naughty. Ruffled at the bottom, this reversible piece delights with subtlety. Much like a cat. (Purrr.)

Good Knight: This V-Neck, Oscar De La Renta silk version of the Knight shows off some flair and dash with none of the nastiness of the Red Queen’s paramour.

Royal Rose: A 1970s Fiorini Italian scarf sets this blouse into a not-quite-black mood (but as we all know, sometimes a little bit of naughty is very nice!)

Mad As A Hatter: Did the trim of this 1980s silk chenille scarf inspire the styling of Johnny Depp’s Hair (as the Mad Hatter)? We think maybe! But the rest of the look? Vintage Halter Hotties!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Halter Hotties Prepping for Wonderland in Tacoma

Here in our Halter Hotties Wonderland, it’s a perfect spring day.

But are we lying back on our hammock listening to the sounds of the season with our eyes closed?

Not a chance.

We’re busily prepping for an evening of fashion, fun, and friends.

The Spring Soiree, set for this evening at 8 p.m. at Cork wine bar in Tacoma, is where we’ll be, and where you can see, up close and personal, our full collection of Alice in Wonderland –inspired halter tops.

And just in case you want to sneak a peek at the collection, you can check it out here
We’ll see you tonight!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Stroll Through Wonderland with Halter Hotties

As we complete 55 Feet of a crazy checkerboard runway for our upcoming fashion extravaganza this weekend,
we at Halter Hotties HQ find ourselves a little woozy…

We imagine the Cheshire mincing her steps down our catwalk with the ease of a seductress, all slinky-cool-grey.

We wonder, will we lose the Tweedles, De and Dum, as they negotiate this wild fashion path?

Perhaps not, given the twin confidence boosts that beautiful clothing will give them…

And we spy Alice, changeable like her blouses, from demure and girly to… wait a minute…is it just us, or is she growing?
Will the caterpillar lose her fuzz? And what of the Queens, the Mad Hatter, and all the rest?
You’ll just have to come and check it out: Saturday, May 8, at Cork! A Wine Bar in Tacoma, Wine tasting at 6:00p.m. Fashion Show at 8:00 p.m.
Curious-&-Curiouser fun, wine tasting, and collaborations with some of our favorite, slightly mad people.
It can’t get much better than this!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Halter Hotties has the Roses Painted Red !!

All prepped & painted for the Fashion Show at

Cork Wine Bar on the 8th...

We'll be unveiling

our "Alice-in-Wonderland" Collection

And so excited, can't wait to show it to you!