Monday, July 13, 2009

Wicked Halter Neck Top Outfit; Halter Hotties & Harry Potter Combine Forces to Battle Back-to-School Blues

It's back to school….
No. Unless, you're attending Hogwarts this year. In that case… whoa, LUCKY YOU!

1. Are you hoping to be part of the "Slug Club"? If so, you'll definitely need Etsy artist, Celestefrittata's, Magical Notebooks. Available at Flourish & Blotts in Diagon Alley… I wish. But this is almost as good; $25.00

2. I'm not entirely sure… but, I think "Kettle Black" made this magnificent Distressed Bag out of Hagrid's overcoat… I don't want to be around when he finds out!! In a style that only gets better with age, this distressed suede handbag features pebbled leather panels, lace-up tie details, stud details, and tassels at the front zip pockets. Antiqued gold hardware. Adjustable, detachable pebbled leather shoulder strap and zip main compartment closure. Available at $528.00

3. Sure, there's times we'd all like to disappear into our invisibility cloak, but this is not one of them… so, don your Halter Hotties' wicked, "Nagini" halter top made from a vintage 60's, Silk Twill, hand-rolled edged "Echo” scarf and let your bad self shine….. uh…. We're not talkin' "Death Eaters" bad, are we? Available at $169.00

4. Climbing in & out of portrait holes, scouring the Room of Requirement, detention with Snape… You're gonna be busy this year. You'll need a good, comfortable, reliable pair of jeans. Citizens of Humanity Ava Straight Leg Jeans will be perfect!! These Citizens straight-leg jeans feature 5-pocket styling and a single-button closure. Moderate distressing. Not that you'll need it, after this year at Hogwarts... They'll come away plenty distressed! Available at $185.00

5. It may still be sunny when you arrive back at school… but, I'm telling you… those Hogwarts halls can get mighty cold, especially when Peeves is around! This "Mike & Chris" Landis Leather Jacket will be, just the ticket. Available at $766.00

6. O.K., with all the running around you're going to do this year, Professor Trelawney's shawls might be a bit much, but these free-form cut navy cotton loops made by Necklush are bloody brilliant! You can enhance your outfit by wearing it as a choker, a cowl neck or a long scarf. Available on Etsy. $40.00

7. "I Put a Spell on You" is an unusual charm bracelet, indeed. It's charms include Wing of beetle, skin of snake, antennae of moth... sounds like ingredients for a little potion… perchance, Felix Felicis? This magical bracelet has been created by Etsy artist, Tamra and is available on Etsy. $50.00