Friday, August 5, 2011

Visit Halter Hotties at the 2011 Proctor Arts Fest

2011 Proctor Arts Fest in Tacoma, 
Halter Hotties will be there!!!  

We're looking forward to a beautiful day in the sun, visiting with friends, viewing the art, watching the parade of pooches and, of course, selling halter tops and tunics!

Jeff Corson - 2011 Poster Art Winner

~ Saturday, August 6th, North 26th & Proctor, Tacoma, WA ~ 
Stop in to say "Hi" and check out our newest blouses.

Bring your Click and Print coupon  to our tent #116 on 26th (near Ice Cream Espresso) between 10am and 5:30pm. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Halter Hotties Tops, Tunics, and Treats Ready for "Art on the Ave"

The sun is out in Tacoma, and so is Halter Hotties!!  The tops, tunics and treats are being packed and we're getting ready to enjoy a warm afternoon on our home, 6th Ave, turf! 

We hope you'll take some time to come see us on Sunday, July 10th during the 13th Annual Art on the Ave

Bring your Click and Print coupon  to our tent (near Masa) between 11am and 5pm.  

It'll be filled with "Halter Hotties" ~ one-of-a-kind halter tops made from vintage scarves, "HH Sweets" ~ colorful, flirty halter style blouses, and we'll be introducing our newest treat... "Patina" ~ Nouveau Vintage Tunics. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Halter Hotties ~ All Dressed Up for The 4th!!

Halter Hotties is ready to set off some FIREWORKS!!
Thanks to Christy Pelland and her Sweet Betty Jean,

Take a look ~
oh... and buy a top while you're there ;)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Halter Hotties spring on the growth!!

We at Halter Hotties love that the days are longer, but unfortunately for us in the great Northwest, those longer days aren’t necessarily warmer.
So we have to keep our heat by creating our own excitement—and have we got some hot new developments going and growing!!

We’re super excited to be working with Rebecca Baldwin (of Dame Lola and Dame Lola Trunk Show fame) and Jessica Alexander Jewelry again, this time with their new XanderDash Studio Trunk Show from May 16 to May 21 at 708 Market Street, Court D Level, Unit #411.  You’ll need to access the Trunk Show on facebook, make an appointment, and see live and in-person the energy and ideas our two fashionista friends have generated. 

And even as Rebecca looks to expand herself to personal styling and her own “Dashow” label, we’re expanding ourselves to include a new line, “Patina, Nouveau Vintage Tunics”, a decidedly modest addition to our indulgent fashion line-up.  Our “Patina” tunics are similar to our Halter Hotties Originals in that we combine vintage scarves with the finest silks.  Unlike Halter Hotties, however, the silk body of the blouse demurely covers your back and your arms, with “One Size fits Most” styling that combines every-day ease with a hint of Hottie glamour.
Since “Patina” is a shift away from the Original Halter Hotties concept, our head designer, main craftswoman, and fearless leader Kim Alexander is expanding her business concept and name: Now Halter Hotties Originals, HH Sweets, and Patina blouses will all fit under the umbrella of  “Kimberly Kay ~ Enchanted Indulgences in Womens Apparel.”

And yes, as a matter of fact, you can expect more growth and fabulousness ahead!!

You can see select Halter Hotties, HH Sweets and Patina pieces for yourself at the XanderDash Studios Trunk Show

And of course, you can stay tuned here for more silky, enchanted goodness as we create it…

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Romantic Halter Top Outfit Inspired by Lilacs & Love

Ahhh… The Lilacs have arrived. I was 11 when I first noticed the pretty, lavender, flowering tree on the outskirts of our field. Each spring, there after, its wonderful scented blossoms became the first bouquets brought home. Mom and I would pound the ends, get out her biggest vase and fill it to overflowing with lilac boughs.

A few years later, about the time us girls start planning our weddings, while working on our annual Lilac arrangement I said to mom, “You know… I think I’ll marry the first man who brings me a bouquet of Lilacs.”  I know it sounds sappy, but I had a plan… You see, I didn’t want to get married. Ever. (My plan was to become an artist, live in a castle on an island and probably have a cat or two.) And at the wise age of 13 I knew that boys always brought roses, not lilacs, to girls they liked!

16 years later…
Answering the knock on my little apartment door, I opened it to find the legs and feet my boyfriend. It was all I could see of him, as he was hidden behind the largest bouquet of Lilacs I had ever seen. As he entered my hallway he said, “I don’t know what these are, but they sure smell good and they reminded me of you”.

A few days ago, we toasted our 15th wedding anniversary with Lilacs on the table and a glass (or two) of “True Love”.

1. This beautiful serene Original Signed Fine Art Photograph; TITLE: Spring Perfume, SIZE: 8x10.  Perfectly fits the mood of my heart.  Available on Etsy in Sarah Moldovan's shop, $30.00

2.  Original, one-of-a-kind halter top, “He Loves Me…” by Halter Hotties is made from a vintage  "Halston" scarf, fully lined in lavender 100% silk satin charmeuse. The perfect top for a spring love celebration. Available at, $199.00
3. Sparkly faceted rich purple amethyst, pink topaz and rhodolite garnet tear drop briolettes along with pale purple onion shaped briolettes and rhodolite garnet, pink topaz, purple amethyst faceted roundelles are all individually hand linked on 14k gold filled head pins to created this stunning double length bracelet. It is finished off with large bright gold 24k gold textured clasp and large faceted pink topaz roundelles. Available on Etsy at katecojewelry's shop, $625.00  

4.  A “True Love” Cocktail… Pour two measures of your favorite vodka into a cocktail shaker along with one measure of Parfait Amour and one measure of maraschino, shake with ice until frosted. Strain into two tall, slender glasses, top each with lots of ice and a single, lavender rose petal. Toast to your true love.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Halter Hotties Chasing the Sun!!

Spring fever is hitting Halter Hotties, the treats are being packed and we're getting ready to chase the sun all the way down to sunny southern California!!

"Halter Hotties" One-of-a-kind silk halter top
We hope you’ll take some time to come see us at the San Diego Head to Toe Women’s Expo on April 15th, 16th and 17th at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

We'll be in booth #703 (right across from the "Fashion Stage").

It'll be filled with "Halter Hotties" ~ one-of-a-kind halter tops made from vintage scarves, "HH Sweets" ~ colorful, flirty halter style blouses, and we'll be introducing our newest treat... "Patina" ~ Nouveau Vintage Tunics.

"Pink Lemonade" HH Sweets Collection

Click on the top coupon, print it and bring it with you to the Expo for two treats: one tiny indulgence for your inner child, and 10% off any "Kimberly Kay – Enchanted indulgences in womens apparel” purchase!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Watch TV, See Wearable Art (For A Great Cause)

Halter Hotties pal Kelly McDonald is our kind of super-woman. So when this career gal, Zumba teacher, single mom, and fierce YWCA advocate suggested Halter Hotties get on board for the YWCA RAGS wearable art event happening in Tacoma March 11, 12, and 13, we naturally said "of course!". Anytime we can be involved in helping programs like the YWCA in a forum that combines fun, art, and shopping for a good cause... Well, how can you say no?

So imagine how proud we are to note that Tacoma's own TV 12 will feature a chat with our friend on their Cityline program, live on Thursday, March 3, at 9 a.m., and rebroadcast several times following (again on Thursday at 7 p.m., and then several times on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, check the TV Tacoma website for air times).

While we at Halter Hotties will be squealing in excitement to see our friend on television, we'll also be bursting with pride to see one of our pieces shown off on TV: a Halter Hotties first!!

See Kelly (and Halter Hotties) on the tube, or see Kelly (and Halter Hotties) live at the 17th Annual RAGS Wearable Art Sale & Show.

We'll be there!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Halter Hotties Honored to Contribute to the Story

...So there we were at the Northwest Trend Show, back on the 24th, 25th, and 26th of January.

We had a blast, we met fabulous people.

One of the notably fabulous people we met happened to approach us about a custom job.

(WHEE!, we thought.)

And then, come to find out, the custom scarf we were asked to make into a garment happened to be a very special, very limited-edition Lily Pulitzer bright and flowery beauty that originally had been commissioned by the Ford Motor Company to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure; given as a gift for attendees of a very special auction... the scarf itself was a story.

We’re happy to be creating not one but two special custom Halter Hotties blouses toward helping eradicate breast cancer. These super-special garments will be auctioned off at what is billed

“An Extraordinary Evening” ~ and we know it will be ~ the Grace Notes benefit dinner & auction to be held on March 12, 2011 at The Fairmont Olympic Hotel

Both blouses, who's names honor my grandmothers, are designed with gathered, peasant style necklines and wrap-around waist sashes. They fit sizes Extra Small thru Large. The top blouse, "Evelyn's Posies", features a 1950's vintage metal & blue glass cabochon button. The bottom blouse, "Alma's Garden", ties with a decorative candy striped ribbon & wide turquoise satin sash.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Halter Hotties Define a Soft Inner Wicked

We at Halter Hotties love to find ways to play with opposites, and Caballero's Girl, a blouse in our new Valentine Collection, helps us to do just that.

Here you have 1970's paisley silk twill meeting up with just-this-minute styling. Subtle sensuality begins with a ruffly neckline, then plunges into dangerous sexuality with the deep back, holding back just a bit with the lilac silk sash. We imagine a good western girl getting lured into an opium den in Chinatown. Or maybe she’s an eastern innocent being lured into the penthouse of a wily corporate tycoon.

Wide-eyed and nearly unaware of the danger, she removes her wrap, luring the man who would be her ruin to his own ruin.

Then, with a wink and a smile, she disappears.

And with the wafting scent of jasmine, a soft whisper of silk, and a glimpse of color and flesh, our Hottie’s victim finds himself irrevocably haunted.

Do you dare to wear it for your own Valentine’s Day haunting?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Fun at a Halter Hotties Photo Shoot

1. What fuels a Halter Hotties photo shoot?

Makeup (not consumed) and caffeine (consumed.) Champagne comes later…

2. Primping and preening in The Space before the photo-fun begins!

3. Willow Eskridge sets up the composition of the shot…

4. …and shoots!

5. Finished product?

Fabulously decadent; fantastically "Hottie".

Thanks so much to Willow ~ Willow's Photography…, Athena ~ Athena Renee Artistry, and models Nicci Montgomery and Janina Phyllis Veronika with extra props to Brienne Decker, who doubled as hair-goddess for our undertaking.