Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Hour with Halter Hotties!

So what do you think pops into Halter Hotties’ heads when we think about the perfect evening of old-school glamour? Imagine a woman, a glimpse of flesh, a tinkling laugh… A glass, raised to smiling lips… A Halter Hottie’s happy hour is less about catching the eyes of the man whose attention she has already captured, and more about pure enjoyment of sensation: breeze against a bare back, cool, sour-sweet liquid, and a heady sense of unadulterated joy.

Our new collection pays homage to that happiest of hours with five – it was six but our Frescarita was sipped up before we finished all the rest! – halter tops inspired by some of our favorite sips!

Crimson Cache is a berry nice (sorry, we couldn’t resist!) and colorful blend of blackberries, raspberries, mint, and lime with a hint of naughty from a splash of Rangpur (pronounced in an Eartha Kitt kinda way) Gin.

Island Voodoo

celebrates citrus brightness with tasty juju offered up in the form of Patron Citronge, vanilla vodka, and blue curacao. Go ahead, cast your own good-times spell with this bright beauty!

Down The Rabbit Hole

brought tea-party revelry to our minds, but the kind of tea party the Mad Hatter would most approved of, with Jeramiah Weed Sweet Tea and all kinds of citrus-y, large-flowered, ruffle-necked goodness thrown in for naught-meets-nice good measure!

Sparrow Seducer ...Savvy?

could be the drink – and garment— Jack Sparrow would introduce to his love if he were wandering around in HottieVille between adventures: pineapple and banana do a tropical tango with citrus and – of course! – rum. Danger could follow…

Pink Foo Foo

is the demure-but-dangerous Halter Hotties answer to the Cosmo: this sophisticated nice girl likes her vodka cute and on the rocks. Vodka, cute? When it’s Pink Foo Foo it is!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Holy Halter Hotties, Batman!

Same sensational style.
Same daring detailing.

...new low price?

Introducing the d├ębut collection; Summer Heat

Marrakesh Magic

Psychedelic Dream

The new Halter Hotties' Quartet Line is sewn from colorful silky, satins, and unique fabric yardages so we can offer them at half the price of our classic, one-of-a-kind Halter Hotties made from vintage scarves and silk.

No worries, this doesn't mean we're mass producing!! As the name implies; the Quartet Line is constructed in sets of four, each one made by hand with all the same care, style, and attention to detail as the original Halter Hotties.

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