Friday, January 28, 2011

Halter Hotties Define a Soft Inner Wicked

We at Halter Hotties love to find ways to play with opposites, and Caballero's Girl, a blouse in our new Valentine Collection, helps us to do just that.

Here you have 1970's paisley silk twill meeting up with just-this-minute styling. Subtle sensuality begins with a ruffly neckline, then plunges into dangerous sexuality with the deep back, holding back just a bit with the lilac silk sash. We imagine a good western girl getting lured into an opium den in Chinatown. Or maybe she’s an eastern innocent being lured into the penthouse of a wily corporate tycoon.

Wide-eyed and nearly unaware of the danger, she removes her wrap, luring the man who would be her ruin to his own ruin.

Then, with a wink and a smile, she disappears.

And with the wafting scent of jasmine, a soft whisper of silk, and a glimpse of color and flesh, our Hottie’s victim finds himself irrevocably haunted.

Do you dare to wear it for your own Valentine’s Day haunting?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Fun at a Halter Hotties Photo Shoot

1. What fuels a Halter Hotties photo shoot?

Makeup (not consumed) and caffeine (consumed.) Champagne comes later…

2. Primping and preening in The Space before the photo-fun begins!

3. Willow Eskridge sets up the composition of the shot…

4. …and shoots!

5. Finished product?

Fabulously decadent; fantastically "Hottie".

Thanks so much to Willow ~ Willow's Photography…, Athena ~ Athena Renee Artistry, and models Nicci Montgomery and Janina Phyllis Veronika with extra props to Brienne Decker, who doubled as hair-goddess for our undertaking.