Monday, May 9, 2011

Halter Hotties spring on the growth!!

We at Halter Hotties love that the days are longer, but unfortunately for us in the great Northwest, those longer days aren’t necessarily warmer.
So we have to keep our heat by creating our own excitement—and have we got some hot new developments going and growing!!

We’re super excited to be working with Rebecca Baldwin (of Dame Lola and Dame Lola Trunk Show fame) and Jessica Alexander Jewelry again, this time with their new XanderDash Studio Trunk Show from May 16 to May 21 at 708 Market Street, Court D Level, Unit #411.  You’ll need to access the Trunk Show on facebook, make an appointment, and see live and in-person the energy and ideas our two fashionista friends have generated. 

And even as Rebecca looks to expand herself to personal styling and her own “Dashow” label, we’re expanding ourselves to include a new line, “Patina, Nouveau Vintage Tunics”, a decidedly modest addition to our indulgent fashion line-up.  Our “Patina” tunics are similar to our Halter Hotties Originals in that we combine vintage scarves with the finest silks.  Unlike Halter Hotties, however, the silk body of the blouse demurely covers your back and your arms, with “One Size fits Most” styling that combines every-day ease with a hint of Hottie glamour.
Since “Patina” is a shift away from the Original Halter Hotties concept, our head designer, main craftswoman, and fearless leader Kim Alexander is expanding her business concept and name: Now Halter Hotties Originals, HH Sweets, and Patina blouses will all fit under the umbrella of  “Kimberly Kay ~ Enchanted Indulgences in Womens Apparel.”

And yes, as a matter of fact, you can expect more growth and fabulousness ahead!!

You can see select Halter Hotties, HH Sweets and Patina pieces for yourself at the XanderDash Studios Trunk Show

And of course, you can stay tuned here for more silky, enchanted goodness as we create it…

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